Commission Queue

Scheduled Commissions

Commissioner Size Expected Work Date
Everee 5 characters, shaded May 28-30
Mr. Unknown Alien 4 frame sequence, flat May 28-30
Princess Hotcakes 1 character, shaded June 4-6
Princess Hotcakes 2 characters, shaded with effects, colored lines June 4-6
Shifting Sands 5 character poses, flat June 4-6
Zeelo 2 characters, shaded June 11-13
Zeelo 2 frame sequence, shaded June 11-13
Zeelo 2 frame sequence, shaded June 11-13
SeragusBager 3 frame, 2 character sequence, sketched June 18-20
Zavier 3 panel comic, flat June 18-20
BigGreenWolfe 2 characters with background, shaded June 25-27
Geo H. 5 frame sequence, flat June 25-27
Anonymous 2 frame sequence, shaded June 25-27
SeragusBager 2 frame sequence, shaded July
Beachsidefurry 3 frame complex character poses July
Zeelo 2 frame sequence with background, shaded July
Zeelo 5 frame sequence, shaded July
Nobody32 8 frame sequence, linework July
Borealis 4 frame, 2 character sequence, flat July
Electuroo 4 frame, 2 character sequence, shaded July
Poke Axel 3 frame, 3 character sequence, flat August
Surge 7 frame sequence, shaded August
Zinc 5 frame, 2 character sequence, flat August
Xodiac 2 page comic, flat August
Luga 5 panel comic, flat September
Connork 4 frame sequence September
Keys 4 page comic, flat September
Keys 6 page comic, flat October
Green: Paid and confirmed
Blue: Tentative, scheduling subject to change (especially towards the end of the list)

May I request a certain date?

I generally will not bump individuals up the list on request, however feel free to request your commission delayed to a later date.

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