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Commission Queue

Scheduled Commissions

Commissioner Size Expected Work Date
(Response pending) June 30-July 2

Waitlist (unconfirmed, tentative)

Commissioner Size Month
Beobachten 2 characters plus background, shaded June
Dsarvess 3 characters plus Virmir, shaded July
Keys 2 characters plus background, shaded July
Nobody32 1 character plus Virmir, shaded July
AnHanora 2 characters, shaded July
YoshiMan369 1 character plus Virmir, shaded August
Princess Hotcakes 1 extra complex character, shaded August
CurusKeel 2 characters plus Virmir, shaded with effects August
Soul Dragon 3 characters, shaded September
Veiger1 Sketch sequence September
Foxgamer01 2 characters, shaded September
Arro 6 frame sequence, plus Virmir September
Neybulot 1 character, shaded November
Evroxt 1 face icon November
CurusKeel 1 character, shaded November
Eisen 2 characters, shaded November
FrostedLights 2 characters, shaded November
The8Madness 2 characters plus Virmir, shaded with effects December
Plazma 1 character plus Virmir, shaded December
Pink Princess Destiny 3 characters plus Virmir, colored lines December
Zinc 5 characters plus background, shaded December

Commissions on the waitlist have not been accepted yet-- I will contact you approximately one week before I'm ready to take your commission. If I don't receive a response, you will lose your place on the list.

Note that while I will usually take commissions on the waitlist in the order listed, sometimes I may make minor adjustments to the order depending on my schedule. E.g. I may fit in a few smaller commissions before taking on a larger project.

May I request a certain date?

I generally will not bump individuals up the list on request, however feel free to request your commission delayed to a later date.

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