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Commission Queue

Commissioner Size Expected Work Date

Please note the above dates are tentative. I'm only able to work on commissions Thursday and Friday evenings plus weekends, so if your commission is not completed by the end of your scheduled weekend, it may get pushed back to the next. You will receive a notification if this is the case. How quickly you (and other clients!) approve sketches greatly influence the work order, so be sure to check your email! It's entirely possible I may start working on some things before the scheduled date.

The total number of commissions I'm able to take on any given weekend depends entirely on size. Rows labeled open indicate I'm able to take more commissions that weekend (as opposed to a fixed number of "slots").

Can I reserve space for a certain weekend and pay later?

No, sorry! Commissions are scheduled in the order they are paid. Holding space out of order wouldn't be fair to other customers.

How long do I have to pay?

You can take your time paying your invoice, but you will not be listed until it is paid.

If you would like to pay after I close commissions that is usually fine--just make sure you send your request in while I'm open and let me know first.

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