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Blimp Carnival Abduction Gang

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Blimp Carnival Abduction Gang
Drawn August 13th, 2017
Excessively large group commission for Curus and Krysto and their gang of carnies who abduct people, inflate them, then charge admission.

32 characters, ~60 hours

BONUS: Find and circle all the Trask symbols!
Tags: inflation blimp carnival gang inflatable balloon balloons transformation bubbles bubble parade barding tent virmir gray fox bliss dragon curus toy knight trask pony alicorn achiga auviere goat red panda 2chaotic raccoon akaji lion kenku lt. fennec skycharger elephant krysto gumdrop arroavantho arro cat nik l8cherrypie dog tiger khloe prower expandranon griffon foxgamer01 a-fox kitsune traxer geo duino duck bird pie clown cecilia mouse modern dragoneer deanfox alphazeron rabbit hat neltharion nelthrakonan sousaphone cyan drusky jasu kangaroo shinytotodude totodile pokemon cyrin dolphin alterflane pyre squeaks group commission
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