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Fae Reference (sketch)

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Fae Reference (sketch)
Drawn May 18th, 2020
Fae are giggly magical flying pests about the length of an earthworm. All fae appear female (they are born from flowers or something). While individually relatively harmless, a hive of fae is extremely dangerous due to the additive effect of their dust spells which tend change the surrounding environment (including living creatures) to suit their tastes. While a fly swatter may be sufficient for one or two, stronger bug spray is recommended to discourage a hive from moving in. A professional exterminator is recommended for groups more than a half dozen or so. Fae tend to be vengeful, and with enough hive members their curses can last for months or years, or as long as the victim remains within the hive's domain if it is large enough.
Tags: fae female fairy wings virmir fly swat swatter
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