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Mass Exchange -- VOTE

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Mass Exchange -- VOTE
Drawn July 31st, 2016
I always wanted to do one of those "growth drive" type things, except I don't really want to accept donations for something like this, so everyone gets a vote! It works like this:


Your horde has been trespassed upon by cartoon foxes. In retaliation, your singular effect may be small, but combined with your fairy kin masses...

You can cast BOTH of two spells:

1) ADD or REMOVE 2 pounds total from any of the characters
2) TRANSFER 2 pounds amongst the characters

This will have EFFECTS, which will be drawn approximately a week from now:

- If characters gain weight above their normal weights, listed here, they will round out and fatten up.

- HOWEVER, if they go below their normal weight, they will begin to fill with HELIUM, and as they get closer to zero, gradually transform into inflatable pooltoys or balloons (I will mix it up if there is more than one).

- Below 0 pounds, they will begin to puff up and inflate as they gain lift.

You are totally capable of nullifying the spells of other people in a crazy battle to see which method of roundness wins on which characters. Extremely curious to see if people work together to obtain maximum effect, or if this turns into a crazy mess and by virtue of pure chaos, everyone ends up the same weight.

To vote, you may:

1) Reply to this topic on the Crimson Flag forums
2) Reply to the tweet that links here on twitter
3) Reply to any or all of the places I post this elsewhere

So essentially you can vote many times if you follow me everywhere.

I will tally up the TOTAL effect across all websites and draw the result next weekend!

Why only 2 pounds? Virmir and company are little foxes-- Virmir at 100 pounds is nearly double his normal weight. Plus I have no idea how crazy this is going to get, ha ha

Some example spells:

Add 2 pounds to Virmir, then transfer 2 pounds from Sierra to Virmir
Remove 2 pounds from Lucile, then transfer 1 pound from Lucile to Virmir, and 1 pound from Lucile to Sierra
Add 1 pound to Lucile and Sierra, then transfer 2 pounds from Virmir to Lucile

Edit: This is CLOSED now!
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