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Drawn March 16th, 2013
For most of a fox-fox's life, the neural activity of both heads are synched and both sides are almost identical, baring perhaps a few minor personality quirks. After twenty or so years, the fox-foxes begin to experience what is known as Relationship Degradation. During the following years, the heads find their personalities diverging. Slowly at first, they begin arguing and generally find themselves able to stand each other less and less. Finally the Degradation boils to a point and the most pivotal moment of the fox-fox's life occurs: The Divorce. The two heads simply cannot stand each other any longer and decide to go their separate ways by pulling in opposite directions really hard, usually after a heated argument punctuated by screams of "It's over!" The fox-fox splits in two, and for a brief few days each "fox" is vulnerable as new limbs and finally a second head grows back in. Once the regeneration is complete, each new fox-fox finds they have a perfectly agreeable second head and are able to blissfully continue on with their lives.
Tags: fox fox-fox two heads headed feral dow
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