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Drawn March 30th, 2013
Meanwhile deep down in the sewers of Luminurbis, a winged vixen sung out.

"Oh, where are your people, oh silver one? Oh bringer of rocks from the sky? Oh kicker of mountains? Oh detestable lord of making nice hot climates wretched and cold? I know you can hear me~..."

She waited for a moment in the dramatic silence, and then produced a bottle from her armor. Shadows lashed inside, with angry glowy-slitted eyes. The label read BAD KARMA.

"That's right-- they should hide. Hide in the shadows forever! Remember, we're out for you."

She disappeared in a POOF. The bottle remained, hung in the air for a moment, then shattered upon the sewer tiles.


Shades live under your bed. In your closet. In your drainpipes and sewers. They live on your fears, your doubts, your anxiety. They look like them too.

Currently they look like the Beast.

They live in the murky sewers of Luminurbis and are rapidly spreading throughout Foxkind lands. Because they feed upon the hatred of the Beast, they have taken a distorted, shadowy resemblance of their form. Side by side, you probably could tell a difference... but the Beast are rare, are they not?

Where the Beast steal from garbage, the Shades knock the cans over and claw them. Where the Beast are seen in the shadows of alleys, the Shades leap out and scream at you.

The Shades eat children.

Individually they are quite weak. A brave, clear-minded individual would have no trouble impaling a few. They are dangerous in groups in the same way that if you encounter a swarm of 100 rats you are also in trouble.
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